We have designed 2 NEW types of membership which we believe provides the opportunity to join a club that truely recognises the value of members.

1)  For the person who plays a lot of golf in a year you may purchase our Seasonal Golf Pass membership. This is available as a 5 Day or 7 Day   player  and  is competatively priced.  With this type of membership you may book and play whenever without any further payment.

2) For the person who cannot play on a regular basis you may purchase our Flexi 7 Day membership which allows you to book and play when you wish for a small user fee

All members are required to pay a club membership fee which varies in price on membership type and age

SPECIAL OFFER - 2 MONTHS FREE 6 Months for the price of 4 October 1st 2021 - March 31st 2022 For handicap golfers who play a lot of rounds per year.

Due to the problems of several lockdown periods when the playing of golf was not allowed we have re-designed our club membership application with our members financial commitments in mind.

For any future National Covid Lockdowns we will refund the days lost from your Seasonal Golf Pass onto your Membership Card Account.  

Flexible 7 day Membership 6 Month Offer

Play any day of the week and pay when you play.

For those golfers who wish to be a member with a handicap but prefer to pay a small user fee when they play

This membership type will be limited in numbers.


For those interested in joining please read the By-Laws & Terms and Conditions of Membership

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