Seniors Section




Are you looking to possibly join the Seniors’ Section at Cherwell Edge Golf Club?


Well let me tell you a little bit about us and how we operate.


The best way to get to know us quickly is to join the 9 hole roll-ups that take place every Monday and Friday morning. Technically these aren’t “seniors” events, but most of the participants also play in the seniors’ competitions. The playing groups are drawn, as are the tee times, so you will get to know a lot of us over a short period of time. To be sure of getting your name in the draw, please arrive by 9.30 a.m. on these days.


Our dedicated playing day is every Wednesday, when we have tee times reserved from 8.00 a.m. until 9.30 a.m. To book a place, please see the “sign-up” sheets on the Seniors’ noticeboard. The sheets are usually up for about a fortnight before each competition. Feel free to enter your name in any empty slot, or just enter your name against a vacant tee-time and someone is bound to join you.


It is recommended that you arrive 20 minutes before your tee time, just so there is no doubt about whether you are going to turn up. It will also give you time to identify playing partners if you haven’t met them before.


If you haven’t had the opportunity to put your name down for a competition, don’t worry. Just turn up on the day, because there are sometimes a few “no shows” which leaves gaps in groups that need to be filled. By the same score there are always others who haven’t managed to put their names down and who will be looking to join up and make a group. Apart from pairs and 4 ball competitions, we usually play in 3 ball groups so as to improve the speed of play.


If the worst comes to the worst, the last group to go out always acts as a “sweeper” group to make sure everyone who wants to play are able to fit into a group. Depending on attendances, they will usually tee off between 9.00 a.m. and 9.30 a.m.


During the Summer months we play a Monthly Medal on the first Wednesday of each month from April to November and 6 “Honours Board” events as well as more informal competitions and team games. During the Winter the formats are mainly informal, but we also run a “Winter League” competition just to keep the competitive edge going. Entry fees for each competition are £3 except for Medals and Winter League, which are £4. That’s because those two competitions are divisional, which means we have to buy twice as many prizes.


If you would like to put a bit of variety into your golf, we play a series of home and away friendly matches during the Summer, against other golf clubs in the local area. We are always looking for fresh blood for the teams, so you will be welcome to join us for those. Please see the Seniors noticeboard for the “sign-up” sheets for those matches. A team sheet will usually be published a week before the match.


Twice a year we hold “awaydays”. The one in October is used to present the prizes for the Summer competitions and the one in March covers the Winter months, as well as being the time when we say farewell to the outgoing Captain.


Our big social event each year is the Seniors’ Christmas Dinner, where we also welcome partners. As well as being our annual get together, we also use the event to award the Medals for the year and the Order of Merit Trophy.


Below is a list of the Committee members. If you need to know anything about what is going on in the Seniors’ Section please feel free to drop one of us an e-mail at the address provided, or just grab one of us when we’re in the club house on a Wednesday morning.


If you do decide to join, I on behalf of our committee and Seniors’ Section members welcome you.  


I would be happy to arrange a game for you with fellow members if you so wish.


 Yours faithfully


Chris Lewis


Seniors Captain







Captain:                       Chris Lewis


Vice Captain:              Roger Gledhill


Treasurer:                    Bob Cubitt


Handicaps:                  Barry Hill*





Andy Burgess


Rod Jones


Phil Lee


Mal McGrath


Committee contact e-mail address [email protected]


 Barry Hill is also the Club Secretary